Drip Fit is an amazing Sweat Product that you can use everyday.

Interested in sculpting your body?

Want to SEE and FEEL results today?!*

Are you ready to get sweaty?

Drip Fit® is a 100% natural sweat intensifier. Rub this topical cream on any problem areas. You will feel warmth and an increase in perspiration (if used prior to exercising) through increased blood flow and circulation. Plus, this incredible cream has 1,001 benefits to your skin! “There are so many skin benefits, we’ve lost count.” Check out our testimonials.

Ingredients in Drip Fit® are proven to help with stretch marks, scarring, acne, anti-aging, dry skin, dark bags under the eyes, collagen production and much more.

Whatever your goals are for exercising:

💧 Tightening up
💧 Strength
💧Enhanced motivation
💧 Improved blood flow
💧 Injury recovery and prevention
💧 Every product is made with your health and wellbeing in mind

Drip Fit® will help you reach your goals faster.

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From @smiling_jewels
From @smiling_jewels "A little less than two weeks ago, many people set New Year’s Resolutions, New year New me, New decade New outlook, this is my year, etc etc. Just like the decorations and champagne, these new goals were shiny and bubbly. Stats show most people give up before January is even over. How do you stay motivated as the parties have ended, the cold, short days of winter seem to drag on? This is where hard work, discipline and focus must come into the picture. . First: picture what you want the end result to look like. Not a vague outcome like “lose some weight” or “get healthy”. Revisit your goals and make them specific. How will you feel/what will you be doing when you hit your goals? Make sure to eliminate the word “try”. Set a timeline for when you will hit your goal. . Second: Intrinsic Motivation - Make sure your goal is for you. Not for anyone else! . Third: Make sure it is realistic! . Fourth: Write it down. Write it as if it has already happened. Use words such as “I am” instead of I will be. Set a timeline & or create a vision board showing what you are going to make happen. . Fifth: Take your goal and create the steps required to make it happen. Set milestones you can measure against. If you are motivated by rewards, decide what rewards you will have at each milestone (something you will enjoy, and doesn’t impact negatively on your goals) . Sixth: BELIEVE you can make it happen and believe that you have what it takes to make it happen. Not a wish. Not a maybe. A WILL DO. . Seventh: Know there will be obstacles and challenges along the way. Prepare to accept them, and continue on. . Eighth: Find a support network. Tag @dripfit in your posts, use #dripfit, #sweatysquad. " ______________________________________ #dripfit #sipfit #sweat #skincare #booty #muscle #health #healthy #fitspo #fit #fitfam #fitlife #gym #gymlife #love #training #train #athlete #girlswholift #strongwoman #physique #nutrition #fitchick #picoftheday #hydration #skincare #natural #holistichealth